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Help save our woodland wildlife.

The birdsong in the background as we wander through the woods is something we often take for granted, but some of our woodland birds are in real trouble: nearly a third of our woodland breeding bird species are red-listed as birds of conservation concern in the UK and sadly, some woodland wildlife is rarely seen, such as hazel dormice. These tiny creatures - the only ones in Britain to have furry tails - used to be widespread. Changes in woodland management and the loss of many native woodlands and hedgerows have seen their numbers decline drastically in recent years. The RSPB are determined to save these precious species and you can help too, by playing our raffle. Every ticket you buy makes a real difference to our vital conservation work.

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First Prize Luxury cruise or £10,000

Second Prize Digital camera or £2,500

Third Prize Garden furniture or £1,250

Fourth Prize 50 x £100

Closing Date: 8 May 2017

Draw Date: 10 May 2017

Just £1 per ticket

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