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About Us

Founded in 1923, SPANA is the charity for the working animals of the world.

SPANA's vision is of a world where every working animal lives a life free from suffering and is treated with compassion.

Millions of people depend on animals for their livelihoods, yet many lack access to professional veterinary care. Across Africa and the Middle East, SPANA clinics treat hundreds of thousands of donkeys, horses, mules, camels and livestock every year.

During conflict, drought and natural disaster, our emergency programme supports animals and the communities who depend on them, whenever and wherever we're needed.

Our education programme reaches tens of thousands of children each year, teaching respect and compassion for animals.

We believe every working animal deserves to be treated with humanity and kindness. We're working towards a day when animal suffering will cease to exist. Until then, there is a lot of work to be done.

Thanks to kind people like you we were able to help Hanza

Hanza takes children to school and goods to market in Morocco. He was brought to the Spana centre as he had cuts to his legs and poor farriery which was causing him a great deal of pain and could have led to lameness if we hadn't been able to treat him.

Hanza's wounds were treated and his hoof was carefully reshaped. His owner learnt how to care for his donkey to avoid this type of injury again.

It can cost as little as £12 to make a donkey like Hanza well again.

1st Prize £3,000

2nd Prize £800

3rd Prize £150 x 3

Runners-Up £50 x 20

Closing Date: 08 December
or 14 December
if you enter online

Draw Date: 15 December 2020

Just £1 per ticket

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